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While many travellers flock to renowned sites around Malta, this guide ventures off the beaten path to introduce you to the hidden gems of Malta.

Mdina: The Silent City’s Delights

A Taste of Tradition at Serkin

Start your Maltese adventure in the old capital, Mdina, where history whispers through the narrow streets. Make your first stop at Serkin for a taste of traditional pastizzi, a flaky pastry filled with either cheese or peas. This simple treat is a staple of Maltese cuisine and a perfect introduction to the island’s flavors.

Fontanella Restaurant: A Culinary View

Just a stone’s throw away, Fontanella Restaurant offers not only delicious pizza but also a breathtaking view of the island. Don’t leave without trying their assortment of sweets, which perfectly complements the panoramic scenery.

Marsaxlokk: A Fisherman’s Village Feast

Ta’ Vitor Restaurant: Authentic Maltese Cuisine

In the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk, Ta’ Vitor Restaurant stands out as a must-visit for authentic Maltese cuisine. It’s advisable to book in advance to secure a spot in this popular eatery. Here, the connection to the sea is palpable in every dish served.

Skuna: Generous Portions and Fresh Seafood

For seafood lovers, Skuna offers an impressive selection of fish plates. Known for its generous portions, this restaurant is a testament to Marsaxlokk’s rich fishing traditions. It’s a recent discovery among locals and tourists alike, adding a modern twist to the village’s culinary offerings.

Mgarr: A Farmer’s Village

Discovering Mgarr’s Gastronomic Delights

Venture to Mgarr, a village celebrated for its agricultural heritage. Situated next to the main church, a variety of restaurants offer the chance to savor dishes made from horse, rabbit, fish, and chicken. This is where tradition meets taste, providing a unique insight into Maltese farming life.

Hal Ghaxaq: The Essence of Maltese Culture

A Hidden Village Worth Exploring

Hal Ghaxaq may not feature on the usual tourist itinerary, but its authentic charm is undeniable. A visit here allows you to immerse yourself in Maltese culture, meet locals, and uncover hidden stories, such as the intriguing House of Snails and Sea Shells (Dar tal-Bebbux), which boasts a fascinating backstory.

Ghar Dalam Cave: A Journey Back in Time

Close to Hal Ghaxaq, the Ghar Dalam Cave is an archaeological marvel worth exploring. Offering a glimpse into Malta’s ancient past, this site enriches your visit with its historical significance and natural beauty.

Malta is an island that keeps on giving, with each village and hidden corner holding stories waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re wandering through the ancient streets of Mdina, enjoying the sea breeze in Marsaxlokk, or exploring the rural charm of Mgarr and Hal Ghaxaq, Malta offers a journey of discovery at every turn.

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