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About Us

We are a small family-owned business – forever committed to give our clients a superb experience with an idea that travelling, is about discovering the charm of an island and not just ticking boxes off a map.

Our Philosophy

Go Gozo originally started as a quad rental service which was created by a local, who wanted to share his passion for Gozo’s natural & cultural wanders with travelers through authentic, responsible & well-organized experiences.

Safety & Adventure

At Go Gozo we believe that one of the leading factors that contribute to enjoying an experience is balancing safety and adventure.

We put a lot of effort into safety procedures to ensure that you will be both safe and comfortable while enjoying our tours. Most of our tours are beginner friendly and adaptable to your level of experience.

So no experience is necessary as training and instructions are given when you arrive. We will make sure you are ready before you start your tour and will also guide you during the experience to improve your skills.

Never Sub Contracted

We operate all of our own trips. We design our routes,  you will never deal with the middleman. You will have the value and the service that we promise.

Why Choose Us?

For the last 6 years , Go Gozo has been a leading private tour provider, and has earned a solid reputation in the industry for providing outstanding services and tailored tour solutions to our clients.

“Today, Go Gozo is by far the best rated private tour company in Gozo with a satisfaction rate of 100%, thanks to our clients rating us on google, facebook and our Instagram pages for the last 6 years.”